A Journey to Loco

Railways is one of my favourite areas of work for most of my engineering career. During my childhood, I was always amazed by the sheer power of those steam locos. I travelled to India many times during the summer vacations, as my mother was a huge fan of a temple of Tirupati. During that time there were no diesel or electric loco and we used to go to Chennai from Delhi by train (as again my mom used to love the rail route due to its scenic beauty, the farms and fields and the green mountains).

During all those times, I was falling in love with Indian rail system and being an Indian born boy, I had the thought of driving those locos one day. But by the time I graduated form my engineering, time had changed, steam locos were replaced by diesel locos and diesel locos are being fazed out by electric locos. This time when I went from Delhi to Chennai, I was travelling in a super-fast train which was hauled by WP7 the latest and fastest in Indian rail’s arsenal. That was the time I had the nostalgic feeling of driving the loco.

So I decided to find out if I can really try to make my dream come true. While I was searching on Internet, I found that Chennai railway had announced some openings recently through Railway Recruitment Board Chennai (RRB Chennai) and I was really jumping with joy that I had visited India on right time. I quickly started reading more about it and found that more than eighteen thousand jobs were up for grab. By the time I reached Chennai Railway station, I had read almost everything about the job openings in Railway recruitment board Chennai and other railway recruitment boards.

Railway recruitment exams were to be held in next couple of months so I decided to stay in India for some time to crack the railway entrance exam for Chennai Railways. On reaching Chennai railway station the first thing I did was to buy the syllabus and application form for RRB Chennai. Next two days we spent in Chennai and I finished my formalities for the application procedure.

I know that I am probably over qualified to be a loco pilot, but it I am a person who follows his dream rather than the rules. I know that I can always quit that job and get into a better one if I ever feel like I need more money, but this time it was not about the money, I was listening to my heart.

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Used Boxes For Moving – Worth It Or Not

Used Moving Boxes

You do not have to hope in stores in order to get the used boxes. The grocery stores are the perfect places to provide you with the durable used boxes for packing your stuff. But, before you start your hunting on shops, you should have the information of getting the used boxes from the manager of the store in advance.

Opt For Bulletin Boards: One of the best places to get used boxes is the bulletin boards. Search online for the best bulletin boards. You will come across the lists of items people have posted to sell. After browsing through online, you will find many people post advertisements on moving boxes they wish to sell. Not only the moving boxes, but also other packing items and moving kits are posted in the online bulletin boards.

Make sure you have also filled your  usps change of address form before moving to your new address. Because you don’t want to miss your mails and other important documents just because you didn’t have time. Change of address is something you can do online if you really have no time. It is just a 5 minute process, Megcor has is a detailed step by step process to fill usps change of address form online.

Are The Used Boxes Worth-Using? Mostly, the managers in grocery stores and in wine and liquor stores keep the used boxes for the shipment purposes. Hence, the boxes they keep in stores are well maintained. The material of the used boxes is generally strong enough to pack the household objects. You can make use those boxes for shifting within the state or for moving across the country. As those used boxes are rarely used, they are suitable for packing and moving. In some grocery stores, you will get discounts for having bought used boxes in large numbers. Hence, the quality boxes which are meant for packing and moving purpose are worth using. Moving is indeed a daunting task. Packing with the quality boxes is the prime concern dwells in your mind. You leave no stones unturned to make your moving convenient. You hop in several stores to get the desired packing boxes for your household appliances. Purchasing new boxes for packing your items can land you up in higher expense. Therefore, hunting for used boxes for your packing stuff can prove to be inexpensive.

Advantages Of Buying Used Boxes:

1) Get discount rates on buying a large number of used boxes.

2) The used boxes are low in price.

3) Some retail managers purchase the used boxes back from the buyers after they are done with their moving.

4) You will find used boxes from the grocery stores in bulk.

5) Many shop owners offer the facility of delivering the boxes at your old residence.

Eco-friendly Moving Boxes: Many shop owners and managers sell recycled used moving boxes at a relatively low price. The eco-friendly moving boxes are recycled, keeping the rising woes of global environment in mind. Save money with recycled used boxes.

Green Movers: If hopping from stores to stores in search of used boxes makes you exhausted, then log on to green movers. Green movers sell earth-friendly used moving boxes to the local consumers at cheap rates. Those boxes are safer to use to move your items at your new location. Reap the benefits of Green movers by using eco-friendly moving boxes. Save your time and money by picking up the recycled boxes from Green movers.

Added Benefits Of The Used Boxes: After you move to your new residence, do not dump used boxes after unpacking them. You can either give them back to your shopkeeper or you can sell them to your neighbors and friends who are in need of used moving boxes. If the boxes are in perfect condition after use, then upload the images of the used boxes and advertise them online.

Save more, spend less with used moving boxes.

Pros And Cons Of Free Web Hosting

What is the first thing you do when you walk in the shopping markets? Certainly, you look for stuff that will be high in quality, but low in price, isn’t it? At some places, you will also find some sellers and vendors offering low-quality and discount stock. If starting an online business is in the list of your future plans, you need to lay the foundation of online business by signing up a personal website.

To have your own website, you would need a good web host to proffer the best hosting services. A reliable web hosting company ensures to provide their customers an authentic and a top-notch service. Don’t you hunt several stores to get your desired item? Likewise, to get your desired website, you require an experienced web hosting company to present the service at low cost. Some web hosting companies give better services with discounts and packages like hostgator coupon code October which can be used for getting some initial discount. Some of them come up with coupon codes to make the website glitch-free and pleasurable. With various plans and services are geared up in the web hosting companies, free web hosting service is tailor-made for people who want to make a fresh start in the field of online business. Before you choose for a free web hosting, consider the pros and cons of the service. Read below to know if the service is useful to you.


The service is beneficial for new web users and for small business.

1) The best part of free hosting is, it is free of cost. You can enjoy the service without paying any sum of money. To execute your private website, no hosting fees are charged to the customers who signed up for free hosting.

2) You can unsubscribe yourself from free web hosting any time you want. No contracts are made to sign from you. If you are not satisfied with the free web hosting service, you can discontinue the service at your convenience.

3) Free web hosting is designed in a simple manner. You can install the applications of your choice in the website. You can custom-make the themes, widgets as per the requirement of your website.

4) For small business owners who want to display their products for selling purpose can use the option of a shopping cart which is available in the hosting package.

5) You are the sole owner of the website, which means you do not have to share the space on the server with others.

6) With your sub-domain name, you gain the access to post the information of your company across the globe.


With some disadvantages on its side, the free hosting is not recommended to commercial business owners.

1) If you have attractive advertisements of your company to showcase to the world, then free web hosting is not for you. This service does not allow you to place any commercial advertisements on the website.

2) The downside of free hosting is, you have to satisfy yourself with a sub-domain name. To run your website in your own domain name, you have to sign up for paid hosting plans. A sub-domain name is good for small business owners and for new blog users.

3) In case you get stuck while installing a software or for any technical matters, you get no one to sort out the issue. Free web hosting does not provide customer care service. At the time of technical glitches, you get no assistance to solve the issue.

4) The power of unlimited online visitors is restricted with the free hosting plan. The limited bandwidth allows a specific member of online viewers to visit your website in a month. When the limit period gets surpassed, the free web hosting comes to an end automatically by the server.

Make use of the free hosting plans as per your needs.

Idea Of Dine And Date In Sweden

Does striking up a conversation to a graceful or a handsome boy of Sweden seem hard nut to crack? Waiting for the right time to say the unspoken words to the one you like can sometimes make your romantic journey too long. Hit your feelings before it gets too late. To make your work easy, several dating websites dejtingsajter (in Swedish) are on the way to connect two hearts in an instant. A dejtingsajter makes your conversation lucid and comfortable with the person you wish to. It is a friendly place where you start with friendship and ends up in a strong love relationship.

The upside of online dating website is, of several people, you can cherry-pick the person of your type. It gives you an array of choices to chat with countless personalities. Get an easy access to noted dating websites of Sweden. Log on to swedishdating.datingbuddies.com or se.match.com. You are just a click away to get the partner of your choice. Break the ice with one click.

Now, when you have found your love, you would want to go on regular dates with that person. Dating doesn’t just let you to spend time with the one you feel for but also helps you to peep into person’s mind to know how congenial you are in the company of your beloved. If your beloved takes delight in mouth-watering dishes, then the best way to win him or her over is to have a date in a cozy restaurant. How about dining and chatting in a candle-light ambience? Racking your brain in hunting the best eateries is quite tricky.

Read below to get ideas of the top five restaurants of Sweden to make your dating a delicious one.

A dating is incomplete without alluring culinaries for which Sweden is famous for. Have a glance of culinary venues of Sweden to have a tasty date together.

1) Operakallaren: Pamper your partner in a luxurious ambience of the restaurant. The ambience and interior of the place are sure to lure your partner’s heart. Give a sumptuous treat of delicious delicacies of a blend of French and Scandinavian cuisines and say the unsaid feelings to your love.

2) Solliden: Have a hearty meal together amidst a beautiful atmosphere. An afternoon lunch with your partner is indeed a romantic time to spend. The restaurant will give you a feel of family atmosphere as soon as you both dwell in the place.

3) The Restaurangen: To give a change of taste to your meal, take your partner and dine in The Restaurangen to have an exotic dining experience. If your partner is a foodie, the spices used in the dishes are sure to please your partner’s appetite and tastebud. Give a tasty treat to the one you care and love by way of the finest culinaries with wines served over here.

4) Camp Ripan Restaurang: Give your love a surprise buffet date at Camp Ripan Restaurang. Relish with your love in lip-smacking three- to five-course meal. Have relishing dishes of sponge cake with cloudberries, smoked reindeer and so on. Have an unique, romantic experience of dining together.

5) St Jakobs Stenugnsbagere: On the way back from office, bring along your beloved for mouth-watering crunchy, small eats at St Jakobs Stenugnsbagere. Order toothsome crisp sugar cookies, cardamom rolls and crispy bakeds for quickie eats. Express your love to your loved one by placing an order of a bowl of strawberries topped with fresh sweet cream to enhance the sweetness of your relation.

Savor the temptingly tasty flavors of culinaries of Sweden with your special person to make your date highly pleasing and successful.

Cougar Dating: What Femme Cougars Look for in Men?

Everyone hates getting old especially women, but when they reach the age of 30s; they wish to become 20s again. Once they reach the age of 40s, they want to go back to our 30s. Everyone in this world has to deal with this fact. However, one may say that either cougars are dealing with their age very well or they hate the fact of getting older, as they can no longer be 25. They are on the verge of their menopause and sexual prime, but many people still have sex at the age 50, however, good sexual age lasts only to 40s.

To some this age may lead to insecurity and to many they know how to deal with it. Being with a younger man, an older woman feels younger. Because, dating with a man of her age, she may not feel young, but with a younger man, they do. As everyone, have some likes, dislikes and preferences for their partner. These choices differ from one another; one must understand that not only cougars, but also every woman has their choice. What femme cougars look for in men is slightly different from younger women’s preferences.

They Want Sincere Partner:

Fantasizing cougar rencontre or cougar dating, to have a relationship with them is a dream of every young man. Cougars are mostly divorced or trying to relive their 20s. This is why, they like men who are outgoing, fun loving yet sincere. Most of the time cougars have children or they are single with some bad past experiences. Moreover, their thinking and their schedule both are very different from any younger women. They cannot go out with you frequently on Friday nights and may not like to go off her schedule, therefore she always looks for a man who adapt to her schedule. As their sexual peak is ending, she will hunt for a man who pleases her in lovemaking.

You must be Available When She Need:

Men who are available when femme cougars want are a turn on to them, because they don’t want to lose any moment. If you are busy or have many things to do in a day, then you must adjust your daily routine according to her available time. If you won’t do it there are chances that she will throw you out of her life. Men, who do not know how to please a femme cougar, don’t waste time seeking them as they cannot manage them and will be left out cold by the cougars.

You must be Intellectual, Mature and Classy:

Though cougars want to relive their 20s, but this time with a mature man. Back when cougars are at the age of 20s, they date with men who are immature and insincere. This is the reason they want intellectual, mature and classy men. Moreover, if you are inexperienced sexually you must find ways to gain some knowledge to woo a cougar. There is much information that one can find through the internet and friends. Don’t ever tell her that you are inexperienced because this may turn her down. First, you must learn to please a woman, whether she is older or younger. A cougar expects experience in every field and if they get it from you, they will return it with more passion.

Gain Advantage by These Tips:

Now that you know about cougars, and what they want, you must gain some knowledge through cougar rencontre guide that helps in treating them carefully. One must focus on becoming a man that she want based on these traits. Search on the net to know how to become a good lover, maintain hygiene, go to the gym and be mature. Doing these things, you will be prepared to get a cougar.

Six Ways To Have A Perky Room

A room is a place where you unwind your mind after a day’s work. At the end of the day when you come back to your home from office, you straight away walk in your room to drain your daily stress. Therefore, your room should be brightened up with colorful hues along with an optimistic touch sparkling over the room. Feel uplifted as soon as you step in your room with these easy ways mentioned below.

1) Make Use Of Right Colors: Do you know the colors painted on the walls of your room can be a reason of your depressing mood? Cherry-pick the colors when you set your mind to brush the walls with coats of paint. Perk up the color of your room by selecting peach, yellow, orange and gold colors. Let the vibrant hues lighten up your mood and fill you with positive energy.

2) Let The Sunshine Enter: Choose to live in a room which is spacious and has large windows to let the sunshine enter in your room. The fresh air and the sun rays will help keep your mood peppy all day long. Spend hours in a room where the rays of sun dart through the windows, making you vigorous to work throughout the day.

3) Choose The Right Shades Of The Furniture: Do not opt for black color furniture. Although the sleek, black color furniture appeals a lot of people. On the other hand, the black color tends to drain your energy and creates pessimistic thoughts in your mind. Bear in mind to go for light colors. Any furniture pieces with light color will gratify your senses, turning out the ambience of your room more lively and cheerful.

4) Add Creativity: Instead of purchasing pricey showpieces to deck up your room, give a change to your art pieces. Substitute the valuable showpieces with paintings and embroidery handicrafts. If you have a creative bent of mind, then uplift your room with the handmade creative showpieces and paintings made by you. Adding creativity in your room will help bring out the lively spirit in you.

5) Fresh Flowers: Place the natural fresh flowers in the vase to lift up the beauty of the room. Let the fragrance and the presence of the flowers boost your stamina and keep your mind fresh for the entire day.

6) Aromatic Candles: Lit up the room with aromatic candles to elevate the positive spirit in you. The scented candles will shield you from negative vibes. Have a soothing and bracing ambience with aromatic candles.

You can keep your room on very small expenses, there are sites like SimplePayday.co.uk which can help you in getting short term finance to keep all your requirements for money. A small monetary help from friends can also be taken and then you can give them a small party to cover up.

Make yourself and your room perky with these six perky tips.

Five Ways to Protect Yourself from Breast Cancer

Studies have shown that more than 90 percent of women detected their breast tumors themselves; this is why it is important to keep yourself updated about your health. Breast cancer is the most common disease among women. It has become one of the leading concerns of women. However, one can reduce the risk by making some changes in your lifestyle and diet. The good news is that these days’ cancer treatments are getting better and now women should take a step towards prevention.

Causes of Breast Cancer:

Several reasons are there that becomes a part of life, but they are actually causing breast cancer, such as menstrual cycle, familial history and genetics. Another reason is aging, risk of getting cancer increases in older women. Mostly, advanced cancer stages are found in the women aged fifty or above. Breast, ovarian and uterine cancer is found mostly in women who had a family history. Moreover, women with gene defects have a high chance of getting breast cancer. A girl whose menstruation started before the age of twelve and a woman whose menopause occur after the age of 55 have also a high risk of getting breast cancer. Some other reasons are radiation, alcohol consumption, using drugs to prevent miscarriage, underwent a hormone replacement therapy and obesity.

Five Ways to Protect Yourself from Breast Cancer:

Here are five ways through which one can prevent herself from breast cancer.

1. Weight Loss:

Studies shows that being obese or overweight, increases the risk of getting breast cancer especially when obesity occurs after menopause. Moreover, women who gain 44 to 50 pounds between the age of 18 and midlife have 40 percent higher chances of breast cancer. Reducing calorie intake by 30 percent also prevents 80 to 90 percent from breast tumors.

2. Lump in Your Breast:

If you find a lump in your breast, then immediately go to a doctor. Delaying the treatment because, you are afraid that you have breast cancer make no sense it is the worst thing you can do to yourself. One must know that not all lumps are breast cancer; in fact, nine out of ten lumps are not cancer. Moreover, if you have a lump that may be cancerous, then you must take prompt action to save your life.

3. Family History:

Researches show that of all the cases of breast cancer genetic breast cancer accounts for 10 percent. One in five hundred women carries a faulty gene that is susceptible to breast cancer. If you have many relatives diagnosed with breast cancer, or you have a history of ovarian cancer, then you are most likely to inherit breast cancer. However, it is also true that if you mother has breast cancer doesn’t mean that you will develop cancer too. But, if you are connected to this disease, you must visit a doctor to take prevent yourself.

4. Limiting the Intake of Alcohol and Smoke:

Drinking two or more alcoholic drinks in a day increases the chances of breast cancer by 20 percent. Alcohol such as beer, liquor, wine, etc must be avoided or take one drink a day. Apart from alcohol, there is also a link between smoking and breast cancer. However, smoking has some other disadvantages too, so it is best to avoid smoking for your overall health.

5. Limiting Hormone Therapy and Exposure to Radiation:

Limiting the duration and dose of hormone therapy is crucial as combination hormone therapy for three to five years or more increases the risk of getting cancer. If you are taking hormone therapy for menopausal system use the lowest dose or ask the doctor for other options. Apart from this, exposure to radiation and environmental pollution also increases the risk of breast cancer. There is a strong link between exposure to chemicals and pollution in workplaces and breast cancer.

Some other kinds of protections include breastfeeding that lowers the risk of breast cancer. As breast cancer is related to estrogen hormone, breast-feeding reduces the estrogen levels and protects you from breast cancer. Healthy diet, such as fruits and vegetables not only decreases the risk of breast cancer, but other types of diseases too, such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

Four Facebook Privacy Settings that You Must Know


Facebook has become a part of our life everyone is using it. However, Facebook can pose several risks to your privacy. Privacy is one of the things that is frequently changing and there are a lot of complain against the privacy issues on Facebook. One of the most important things that one has to check while using Facebook is the privacy settings. Recently, Facebook has updated its privacy policy and it clarifies what it does with your personal information and data. These information will always be visible in your profile.

  • Your name, Timeline cover photo, network, gender, user name and profile picture are always visible to all users, only public profiles are listed in search engines.
  • Even if you delete your account, your messages are never deleted because they are stored separately as other people see your messages.
  • Facebook will search your posts for brands if you Like a page that is related to cars and you mention a particular brand in a post. Through your Likes, Facebook may put you in the list of potential car buyer categories.
  • Facebook also notes if you post something that suggest fraud, threat or illegal activity.
  • Advertisers can also use your data, however, Facebook remove your data after 180-day limit, but it still keeps it to serve you ads.
  • If you are using an app and you delete that, even after deleting the app will never delete the data from their servers. If you want to delete your info permanently, you have to contact the app maker.
  • Facebook is using pixels, cookies and other tracking software, however, Facebook never uses cookies but it will use it to improve the ads.


Four Facebook Privacy Settings that You Must Know:

There are also some ways to protect your profile from the changes. Here are four Facebook privacy settings that you must know to protect yourself.

1. Public Searches:

First, to secure your profile from any threat make your profile invisible in public search. This will hide your profile from search engines such as Google. To find this option on your Facebook profile, click at the top right of your Facebook page and then go to the

Settings à Privacy àunder ‘Who can look me up?’à Click ‘Do you want other search engines to link to your Timeline? à Prefer your selection by check or uncheck the box.

2.   Contact Information:

Secondly, protecting your contact information is also necessary. Nobody wants their information to be found by some hacker. Your contact information such as mobile number, landline number, home address, e-mail or instant messenger screen name must be hidden. For this, go to your

Profile page à click edit profile underneath your name at the upper right corner à it will open the ‘About’ page à move to your Contact Information à click edit à from the drop down menu select ‘only me’ option.

3. Photos and Albums:  

The third one is your photos and albums, this one is very important and each photo in an album has its own privacy option. For this option go to

Profile page à click on your photos à click Albums à Select an Album that you like to edit à in the drop down menu you can select Public, Friends, Custom or Only Me option.

4. Apps:

The fourth one is app privacy because Facebook apps are leaking your private information, so it is necessary to protect them. Therefore, you must adjust app settings. For this, click the right arrow at the top, right corner of any Facebook page and go to

Settings à in the left menu, select Apps à Click ‘Edit’ next to any app to manage that game or app.

Note that every app has its own options some will need your name and other info and some will not.

Moreover, if you don’t want a friend to see your posts, then add him/her to the restricted list, this is a kind of unfriend option that person will only see your public posts. In addition, if you don’t want their updates to appear in your news feed then add them to the acquaintances list.

Persistent Skill To Attain Success


There are people who do not give up easily on their aims after having failed at first few attempts. Whereas, there are others who succumb to failures too easily. The first category people attain success even after knocked down several times. But with their persistent quality, they get the taste of success. The second category people lag in persistent quality because of which they fail to achieve their target.

What Is Persistence?  The killer-instinct quality to acquire what you desire and constantly strive after it until you get it, even after shot down countless times in life is persistence.  To be victorious, one needs to have a skill of persistence. Resigning oneself to failure will ultimately lead you to downfall. Read this article to learn the effective skill needs to be successful.

There are three ways to develop the persistence quality.

1) Figure Out Your Goal: Be precise about what you want in life. After you have a clear picture of your aim, se a timeline and direct your focus and energy in achieving it. Divide your goal into bits that will be easy for your accomplishment. Do not let stress load your mind. Enjoy your task and execute with fun.

2) Embrace Failure: Do not take failure to heart. No achievement is achievable without meeting failure on your way. Failure is the key of personal expansion. Discover what was missing in your earlier attempts and get up again with positive attitude and get cracking to notch up.

3) Killer Instinct: A stubborn attitude is the first step towards your success. A ruthless determination to win can make impossible possible. A burning passion and indomitable spirit to succeed is a prominent tool of persistence.

Learn the mastery of persistence to iron out the setbacks you encounter. Race ahead with determination, keeping setbacks and fear at bay.

A Comparison between Windows, Android and iOS

iOs AndroidThe best phones or tablets have sharp displays, high-quality builds, clear images and long battery life, etc. However, these features are common to all smartphones, it is only the software it runs makes a difference. Today, there are only three operating systems on smartphones that dominates the world over these are Windows from Microsoft, iOS from Apple and Android from Google. Each has their own distinctive qualities that a user will experience. But, there is always a confusion on which smartphone to buy. It is only answerable through the following comparison that gives an idea whether a smartphone is actually smart or not.

Windows, Android and iOS: Which One is the Best?

Interestingly, there are approx 1.5 billion smartphones present in the world today. It is very difficult to choose one of them as all have their own specific qualities and features.

A Comparison between Apps:

It is the apps who actually satisfied a user, however, all three operating system has covered a user productivity needs. So, what makes them different from one another of course the variety and the number of apps that each operating system have.


A completely open source operating system for mobiles and based on Linux kernel, released under Apache license Android has become a favorite and a strong competitor to Apple because of its widgets on homescreen and application that a user can download directly from Google Play Store. It has astonishingly more than 1 million apps approx. This is an unmatched quality of Android phones, which Windows and iOS have yet to improve.


When it comes to app availability and support Apple’s App Store is on the top. It is the first smartphone that offers downloadable apps and it has the best application compare to any OS. It offers almost every software and apps. Like Android or Windows phone, it also offers various business software like Kashoo accounting app exclusively found in the iOS only.


It has a much smaller collection of apps only 100,000 as compared to Android and iOS that has more than 1 million apps. However, the phone has all the necessary apps that covers a user needs. If one is looking for a productivity app like Evernote then this one is the best, also Windows Phone Store is improving day by day.

A Comparison between Features:


The latest release from Android is 4.4 Kit Kat, that offers a uniform experience across devices with many new features that implement outside service smoothly. Google has improved memory management that helps to run any software whether it is old or big. In addition, it has support for hardware sensor batching which is an update to reduce the ongoing sensor activities. It has two new Bluetooth profiles HID and Bluetooth MAP. Moreover, it also has Wi-Fi TDLS and IR support.


This is an excellent choice for a person who seeks an all-around phone. It has a sensor that bypasses the phone’s four-digit security passcode by using your fingertips. Phone’s camera is also good one can also take photos even in low light. For business purpose, the iOS apps are fully integrated with iWork a desktop application that let the users to view and edit the documents flawlessly even on multiple devices. It has a unique service that notifies the user of traffic delays, upcoming appointments, weather and many more.


With Windows OS, a user will be enabling to access important documents instantly. Windows 8 is the smooth integration with other Microsoft products. It has a quad core processor, Data Sense that is data usage monitoring with improved keyboard and excellent camera. This platform also provides many features compared to Android and iOS.

Which One is good for you?

Mobile Devices and Smartphones are expensive than normal phones. Apple’s iPhone (iOS), Windows Phone like Nokia Lumia Series are a bit expensive. But, if you want to experience a smartphone than Android will be good for you. If you are looking for a low priced Android smartphone then Google Nexus 5 and Motoral’s, Moto G is good. However, if you want something expensive or multi-task phone then HTC, Smasung Galxy S4 or Note 3 will be the best choice. Still if you have any doubt on any OS than search online or ask your friends, family or colleagues. As everyone knows that all these OS are best you can make your own choice by getting some help.